Style Concept: Vinx is a two shape, one piece, tight fitting sleeveless garment that covers only the torso. Bold graphic delineations of stocking stitch flare over body contours and converge into the median axis. Beginning and ending interlaced at centre back line. The minor shape integrates shoulder with arc of lower back. Intensive flechage shapes bias curves and triangular wedges. It hones fabric to torso topography.

Fabric concept: Caoutchouc Lace (Pronounced kou chook). Meaning rubber: especially Indian rubber, or crude, natural rubber, obtained from latex.

Polyester filament spirals around a core of rubber. This yarn streams continuously from beginning to end. Solo or with fine synthetic snarl yarns in a parallel stream. Existing stitches either connect to, or slip by each stream according to a principle of random selection. The streams remain independent as snarl layers rubber. Caoutchouc is dualistic with inert and animated realities.

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Blurring the Boundaries Exhibition: Fashion Design Innovation in Contemporary Knitting
June 24 - August 13 2006