Svelte is sleeveless with a body silhouette in a knit-weave fabric. Knit-weave combines a knitted base with a woven inlay. Linear, honeycomb and free form weaves for Svelte. Diaphanous.

Flechage contouring fabric to body curves.
Open triangles recess the underarm.
Beginning and ending intergrated.
Shoulders interlocked without seaming.

Bodice, torso, tunic, skirt or dress forms. Torso and skirt portions are integrated for longer lines.

Trimmed with linker chain-stitch or hand crochet.

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Fabric types: Amazon, Braille, Lynx, Matte, Nude, Pamuk, Pearl Pinto, Shimmer, White Elemental, White Silk Boucle, Wool Slub.


Blurring the Boundaries Exhibition: Fashion Design Innovation in Contemporary Knitting
June 24 - August 13 2006