In creating a leotard with swimsuit application I have aimed to evolve a textile of minimum weight and maximum surface coverage. A garment which is not susceptible to distortion when immersed in water and exposed to gravity.

I believe costume delves into the body-mind-spirit interface. A groove connecting body space environment to psychological processes. It is a powerful harmonic for core authenticity.

By using rubber as a primary material I hoped to open up new possibilities for experiencing a different kind of intimacy with cloth.

I envisaged a textile layer which would sublimate the boundless and binding elastic qualities into a format where its extreme effects are harmonised with complementary materials.

An extensile strata to sliver the body space paradigm by laminating the skin surface and energizing the internal space with supple compressive power.

The strong contractive capability of elastic must not compromise or overwhelm the body’s sense of well being and comfort.

I wanted to use the unique property of ricochet inherent in elastic yarn to buoy the intimate boundary of the body, energizing the mind-spirit interface with a spirit of self-assurance and verve.


Blurring the Boundaries Exhibition: Fashion Design Innovation in Contemporary Knitting
June 24 - August 13 2006