Woollen fabrics may require intial combing to remove
short fibres. Handwash is recommended.

Use just enough detergent to cleanse the garment
and remove all suds in the rinsing process.

When washing maintain a consisitent water temperature.
Changes in water temperature shrink woollen garments.
Warm water washes and rinsing allay felting.

Always rinse well to remove sud residue. Do not use hot air dryers.

Original silhouette is maintained by removing excess moisture. By squeezing and allowing water to drain, wrapping in towels or using the ‘spin dry’ function on a washing machine. Complete the drying process by hanging the garment on a rod out to dry, or draped over a clothes-horse in a warm place. Reverse surfaces for fast drying.

To lengthen silhouette, do not remove excess water. Hang immediately on a rod fully supporting shoulder/arm. Pulling the garment down, maximizes length. The garment will dry in position so balance over the rod. If it does skew, merely re-soak.

Woollen garments do not require conditioning as wool
naturally melds with other fibres due to its structure.

Include camphor for long term storage which will protect
against insect damage. It is a much better alternative
to naphthalene (mothballs), an odour which is difficult
to remove.

Air camphorated clothes prior to wearing.