Knitting is a system of interlooping threads. It responds well to the action of the body, allowing comfort and a sense of freedom.

In knit fabrics the individual threads need the action of wash and wear to meld, and are susceptible in the early stage of wear to being snagged or caught. They can be restored to original condition as long as the threads remain whole. To refurbish, pulled threads are edged back into the correct tension position of other stitches. Re-align weave threads (eg Svelte), by elongating lengthwise grain.

Jewellery can catch and pull threads. It is best to think of jewellery as another layer of costume that requires integration. Some handbags can scuff knits.

Washing and Conditioning
Zlatka’s are conditioned or washed, and hung on rods to dry. In doing so, width transforms into length, creating an ultimate length when dry. A moving fluid body releases this grip of unworn garment. Adaptive to the body, they alter the experience of body in space.

Hand washing is recommended.
Avoid excessive suds and rinse well.

Silk, plant and synthetic fibres benefit from conditioning
especially in the early stages of wear. Plant fibres are much like the skin and hair of our body. Soap and detergent dries the skin and we moisturise to keep smooth and supple.
In the same way plant fibres - linen, cotton and viscose –
need conditioning to keep them smooth, supple and strong.
Soak garments in water with conditioner after rinsing.